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About The Game

Welcome everyone to the new server Interlude Lineage ][ HSP
We are a group of former players who want to offer the essence
of old, pure and hard lineage 2. We have worked hard to offer
the highest quality in all aspects and we will continue working
to keep ahead we ask you to enjoy the most style LINEAGE II and Welcome!

Custom added

.sellbuff Lvl 40+
.Premium (With many advantages)
.Votereward (Npc with prizes)
Buff Time
Prophet Dance & Song 1h
prophecy's, Chant of Victory and Magun's 1h
Blessings 10min


Rate Xp = 15.00
Rate Sp = 15.00
Rate Party Xp = 1.50
Rate Party Sp = 1.50
Rate Drop Adena = 15.00
Rate Consumable Cost = 1.00
Rate Drop Items = 5.00
Rate Drop Seal Stones = 5.00
Rate Drop Spoil = 6.00
Rate Drop Manor = 1

Other Rates
Rate Drop Quest = 1.50
Rate Quests Reward = 2.00

Enchant Weapon Max = 16
Enchant Armor Max = 10
Enchant Jewelry Max = 10


Adena Shop (Up to B grade)
Npc Buffer (Prophet Buff Figther & Mage)
Market  (Buy-Sales of Item's)
Vote & Event Shop (Improvement And Misc)

Server Info

 Geo-engine totally re-worked and this system works very similar to an L2OFF or even better
System of re-worked skills, corrected skills formulas, conditions, effects and etc.
System of reworked zones and their types.
Better performance for movement within identifications / types of equal and different zones
Game controller system reworked
Re-worked the AI system and made them smarter
Re-worked Monastery of Silence.
Re-worked in the Catacomb / Necropolis system with its AI mobs
Re-worked the Seven Sing system, similar to L2OFF
Revised and corrected most of all the mobs and their fall, Updated location
Re-worked the Grand / Simple Bosses system
Re-worked the Four Sepulcher system and repaired some exploits
Re-worked system of clan and clan rooms
Re-worked Day / Night Spawn Manager
Update of many instances and models for better performance
Re-worked known list and L2 World system
Re-worked the Olympic system
And much More.

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